Which type of Usenet Account should I choose?
We are offering two types of Usenet accounts: Block Accounts and Flatrate Accounts. When you purchase one of our Usenet Block Accounts (e.g. SSL Block 25 GB), you will get a download quota. Once your quota is consumed, you have to recharge your account in order to be able to download from Usenet again. Our Usenet Flatrate Accounts do not have any quota limitations. With this type of account, you can download from Usenet as much as you wish. According to the speed of your internet connection, it is very important that you pick the appropriate Usenet Flatrate Account. Here is an example: Assuming that you have a 20 Mbit/s internet connection, then you should go for the SSL Flat 20 Mbit Account. This way you can use the full bandwidth of your internet connection when downloading from Usenet.
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  • What exactly is a Mbit per second?
    Often there is a lot of confusion about this, becouse the terms Mb short of megabit, and MB short of megabyte are being mixed up. To eliminate all the confusion about this we are going to explain both terms. One megabyte is equal to eight megabit. In other words, if you got a subscription of 10 Mb ,it means that you can download with a maximum of 1.25 Megabyte per second. In other words, one megabit is eight times as small as a megabyte.
    Where can I find NZB files?
    www.binsearch.info or www.nzbindex.com are good examples of a NZB search engine.
    Im getting error code 502 - Access Denied to your node.
    An error with errorcode 502 and the description "Access denied to your node" means that your username and/or password are incorrect. Often this error comes due to the fact that the password is typed wrong from the e-mail, please try to copy and paste it in your usenet program. If the error still persist after that, please contact us at support@ssl-news.info
    Im getting error code 502 - Too many connections.
    An error with errorcode 502 - Too many connections means that you exceeded the maximum amount of connections with the server. Its possible that this error occures when you have had a timeout with the server, and the server still thinks that you are logged in. Always make sure that youve set the time out settings in your usenet program to a minimum of 120 seconds, if the problem still persists after this contact us at support@ssl-news.info.
    What is a good newsreader?
    Alt.Binz is a powerful and user-friendly software, which is optimized to work with our services.

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